About 5 year(s) ago by King George
Santacon returns to San Francisco

Thousands of Santa’s Descend on San Francisco for SantaCon 2013

Who would pass on the chance to play Santa for a day? SantaCon is your chance to join a small army of beard-cladded Santa’s in their quest to spread joy-and drink beers-across the great city of San Francisco. Founded in 1994, SantaCon has become a widescale event celebrated in more than 35 countries across the globe. As remains San Francisco tradition, SantaCon begins with a massive parade early on a Saturday morning, and culminating in a festive, citywide pub-crawl that verges into the early morning hours on Sunday.
Santas are encouraged to spread holiday joy to all bystanders, especially children. In past years, the Santas marched through Union Square, North Beach, and the Embarcadero, clogging the BART train with white hair, Santa suits, and bags of goodies. The whole ordeal is followed by a number of after parties. Event rules include: dressing in holiday related attire, calling everyone “Santa”, and conducting oneself as appropriately as possible.
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