California Green Lodging Association

About 6 year(s) ago by King George
California Green Lodging Association
San Francisco Hotel’s California Green Lodging Program. The King George Hotel is pleased to be a Certified Green Hotel and associated with the California Green Lodging Program. But what does this mean? Every year, hotels around the world produce an enormous amount of waste. The goals of the Program are to reduce that waste, diverting it from landfills, while at the same time conserving energy and water. At King George, we offer guests of our San Francisco boutique hotel a number of ways to help the planet. These includes sustainable bath products, reduction in water flow, reminders that guests may reuse their bath towels rather than having them changed daily, energy efficient fixtures, recycling receptacles, and on the back-end, composting. Furthermore, the California Green Lodging Program encourages travelers to seek out the most economical and eco-friendly ways of traveling, as well as assistance with securing meeting and conference spaces. The Department of General Services, part of the State Travel Program, operates the California Green Lodging Program.
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