Bring your appetite (and humor) to Alton Brown Live in San Francisco

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Bring your appetite (and humor) to Alton Brown Live in San Francisco

For any Food Network fan, there's no presence more recognizable than Alton Brown. A familiar face that comes to us from 'Iron Chef America', a gig he held for 11 seasons, as well as 5 years as host of 'Next Iron Chef', and writer, producer and host of 'Good Eats', if you weren't hungry before you sat down, this show will get you there. Currently still performing on The Cooking Channel, this Food Network alum and best selling author is sure to make an impression in San Francisco. His unique storytelling ability makes learning about how milk is processed interesting - and because he's got a great sense of humor, you'll never be bored...especially if you're called upon to be his culinary assistant! A great show for all ages, Brown's antics show off his skills for unique experiments, lectures, music and stand up. Never without his lab coat, things always get messy when Brown is around - so be prepared! It's nothing that the little ones can't handle, and it's always a ton of fun. Brown's two hour live show includes hit songs like "Airport Shrimp Blues" and "TV Cookin' Ain't Like No Other Cookin'", a "poncho zone" for those in the front row (again, things get messy), and live demonstrations filled with laughs. Never a dull moment, you're sure to enjoy all the interaction that includes multimedia, experiments, stand-up, and live tunes. Sing, nosh, laugh, and frolic with Alton Brown this March at the SHN Golden Gate Theater.

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