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Union Square at San Francisco, California
San Francisco Union Square
Union Square at San Francisco

Union Square

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Union Square, San Francisco California 94108
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The beating heart of San Francisco, Union Square and the area around it contains the largest collection of retail options in the United States. From souvenir shops to art galleries, department stores to designer boutiques, Union Square is a shopper's paradise. Also packed with exciting bars, jazz clubs, delicious restaurants, comedy clubs and theaters, Union Square delivers a dynamic collection of entertainment options that is sure to please any traveler.


Hours -

NA. Most shops open 10AM to 7-9PM.

Prices -


Events -

Live music and dancing in Union Square Park, film screenings, outdoor concerts, art shows, circus festivals and more


  • Shop for souvenir trinkets or designer clothes
  • Watch an off-Broadway show or other theatrical performance
  • Dine on SF's notoriously fresh & innovative cuisine
  • Listen to jazz late into the night
  • Catch a live music event in Union Square Park
Discover all kinds of interesting dining options in San Francisco’s Union Square. You’ll find a number of juice bars, coffee shops, delis, chocolate stores, fast-food outlets, casual dining establishments and sit-down restaurants in and around Union Square. Westfield San Francisco Centre features a large food court with numerous unique restaurants and cafes to choose from.
Union Square has a 24-hour character and the nightlife here is dynamic and diverse. From improv comedy clubs to upscale martini bars, jazz cafes, taverns and dance clubs, this area of San Francisco offers entertainment and escape suited to every traveler’s taste.


When is the best time to visit Union Square?

Anytime during the day is a great time to explore this part of San Francisco. Early mornings you will find many shops and restaurants closed. After dark, the nightlife in this area comes to life.

What time do stores usually close in Union Square?

Many stores are open until 9PM, a few close at 7PM and on Sundays most close at 6 or 7PM.


Driving Direction to Union Square From or King George Hotel
Union Square

The King George is very close to Union Square and is a great place to rest after a day of shopping! Hit the stores early to avoid crowds!
by Friday, November 2, 2012
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