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Lombard Street at San Francisco, California
San Francisco Lombard Street
Lombard Street at San Francisco

Lombard Street

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Lombard St, San Francisco California
Category: Attractions
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Dubbed the "Crookedest Street in the World," Lombard Street in San Francisco is a unique attraction that will make you smile, whether you are driving down the winding street or watching others do so from below. With eight hairpins turns down a seriously steep slope, the scenic switchbacks of Lombard Street flows past beautiful Victorian mansions, flower boxes and great views.


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  • Drive or stroll down the steep and winding street
  • Watch others try and do the same
  • Take pictures to remember the one-of-a-kind street
  • Exercise by walking up and down
  • Hop on a cable car to nearby Fisherman's Wharf
The best time to visit Lombard Street is in the early morning, so traffic is reduced and you can take photos of the winding road without a lot of other tourists in the frame.
You won’t find many things to do at Lombard Street, since the steep, winding street itself is the attraction. Watching people drive, bike and stroll down the crooked street can be quite amusing, and you can also check out a few famous homes in the area. North Beach and Fisherman’s Warf are both walking distance from the street.


Should I drive down Lombard Street?

Absolutely, so you can claim to have driven the “Crookedest Street in the World.” Just don’t get distracted by the sights and swerve off the winding road.

Which cable car takes me to Lombard Street?

The Hyde Street cable car passes right by the top of Lombard Street, and the Powell-Mason cable car takes you to the bottom.


Driving Direction to Lombard Street From or King George Hotel
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