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Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco, California
San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco California
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The Golden Gate Bridge is an international icon of San Francisco. One of the most beautiful suspension bridges in the world which was completed in 1937, this epic structure lends itself to amazing photographs and is a complete thrill to walk or bike across.


Hours -

NA - Bridge is always open

Prices -

$6 toll for cars heading south into San Francisco

Events -

Day and evening guided tours from spring to fall
You can bicycle or walk across the Golden Gate Bridge for an up-close look at the stunning structure. Pedestrians are allowed to use the East Sidewalk from 5AM to 6:30PM (9PM in summer), and cyclists have toll-free access to the Bridge’s sidewalks 24 hours a day. Cyclists must yield to pedestrians, and dogs are not allowed.
It costs $6 for most cars to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, although tolls are collected only in the southbound direction (heading in to San Francisco).


What is there to do on the Golden Gate Bridge?

Most visitors to the Golden Gate Bridge like to cross it in some fashion: ride, bike or walk. Visit the gift shop and learning center at the Bridge Pavilion, take a personally guided tour and grab a snack or refreshment at the Bridge Café.

What tours go to the Golden Gate Bridge?

Personally guided tours are available from spring through fall. You will find 45- and 60- minute tours available days and evenings that discuss the building of the Bridge. For more information, call (877) 349-7625.


Driving Direction to Golden Gate Bridge From or King George Hotel
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