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Best Bars in San Francisco's Union Square

Best Bars in Union Square area

Discover a wealth of swanky lounges, cozy pubs, local bars, and upscale cocktail establishments when you explore Union Square in San Francisco. The King George Hotel offers guests Winston's Lounge, an inviting beer and wine lounge which is a great start to the night and is in a prime location, just steps away from the best bars in Union Square.
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Affordable San Francisco Shopping

Shops in Union Square

Spend a day shopping around Union Square Park, and you'll have every option from the extravagant designer fashions to major department stores, home furnishings, luxury jewelry, and even deep-discount bargain hunting. Just head near toward the square from the King George Hotel to discover a treasure trove of hidden gems in the heart of San Francisco.
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San Francisco, California dining

Union Square Dining

San Francisco, California is known by foodies as one of the world's epicurean epicenters. Chefs as well as diners are not passionate only about fine dining either, but also about ingredients that are beyond reproach.
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Union Square

Union Square

Union Square itself is a picturesque 2.5-acre plaza with places for sitting and people watching, having lunch or a latte, and weekend outdoor art shows.
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