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Monthly Archives: September 2013
The Famous 5K Comes to California

The Color Run 5K

How are you starting your day on October 26? If you are visiting San Francisco, you may find your way around the huge number of Halloween-themed events and activities. Before you hit the town and consume some calories, you can participate in the Color Run SF for a personal fitness feat - along with plenty of paint !
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Affordable San Francisco Shopping

Shops in Union Square

Spend a day shopping around Union Square Park, and you'll have every option from the extravagant designer fashions to major department stores, home furnishings, luxury jewelry, and even deep-discount bargain hunting. Just head near toward the square from the King George Hotel to discover a treasure trove of hidden gems in the heart of San Francisco.
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San Francisco 49ers Football Is Now In Full Swing

San Francisco 49ers Football

Watch the major NFL rivalries unfold on the field as 49ers football heats up for the 2013-'14 season. In September, the 49ers will take on the Colts at their home field. In October, you can come see how the San Fran team stacks up against the Texans and the Cardinals.
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Halloween Parties in San Francisco

Halloween in San Francisco

Make Halloween 2013 your best fright night yet in a city that loves celebrating in costume. You can get into disguise and head to top San Francisco destinations for an unbelievable night of tricks, treats, people watching, and monster mashing. This year's top Halloween parties in San Francisco range from rockabilly music at the Brisbane 23 Club's Haunted Halloween to the city's world-famous pub crawl event.
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